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9th August 2018
Jan Ross kindly agreed to pose with me for this post I have been meaning to make for a while now.

9th August 2018
I absolutely love the cars Night makes.

9th August 2018
My avatar is a mod, so had to take my hair out for the car shot. Decided on a fashion pose, too.

9th August 2018
Night has a Midnight Mania board and a lucky chair, with really cool items on them. You should visit his store in Tinyopolis, Mieville!

Edit: Added an image with details about the car. Sorry about forgetting.


Cars: Night’s Toy Box: Tiny & dinkie mesh core-vent car

Jan is wearing:

Miss Longtail’s: Artsy hat
Totally Tinies: Goin’ on a Cruise Tiny Shirt, Shorts & Sandals
Avatar: Wynx: Tiny Baby Penguin

Pie is wearing:

Hair: Ploom: Jinx, streaked, Indecisive
Top: Dinkie Boutique: muscle tee, navy
Pants: DB: Dinkie jeans, original wash
Bag: DB: Canvas tote bag, unicorn
Shoes: DB: Dinkie girls flip flops, blue
Head: CABS: Black fox tiny avatar
Body: Tiny Inc.: 5 Dinkies black kitty mesh avatar
Tail: Sinful Needs: SN Mesh Tail, Fluffy, Bare v1,00b

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