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30th August 2018

First of all, these foxes by Mishmish are amazing! Aime made them for the upcoming Arcade gacha September round. I am in love! (Details below). I of course am running around with the artistic one, as I have heard from reliable sources, that foxes love art. (I used to be a full time tiny, and only blogged as a regular biggie avatar. Now I split time between the two looks. When I hang out with tinies, while being a biggie myself, I love having this fox with me to remind them, that while I have knees, I still have waffles in heart, like all tinies. I have come to be known as the fox that owns an art gallery FYI.).

I also wanted to give you a little look into the fashion blogger’s thinking. At least that of mine. I have blogged fashion in Second Life since I started as my original avatar in 2010. I want to share things that I find, that might be of interest to people, or cheer them up, etc. I want  to offer the information on how to get the items or to visit the places. I used to write more about the locations, too, and will get back to that, again. But the fashion posts still follow a certain concept. This seems like an easy to follow pattern that anyone is free to copy.

All details with the SLurls/Marketplace links/Flickr links etc. either as separate links, or linked from names of things.

Outfit details:

  • Item type such as Top: Store name: Item name, event where located, type of special pricing (such as sale/free/dollarbie/gacha), time limits and other information.


Pose prop if separate

Pets etc.




I wish I had more time to read other blogs. I do appreciate bloggers and SL photographers immensely. I have trouble just sitting down and following through a reader list, though. I usually just get inspired by a picture I see randomly on social media, and then check the details for ideas. Kind of  like a form of industrial espionage, but the friendly supportive kind. To give you an example, I can tell you, how I found a couple things for this post. I found the location, when I saw this pic by Sorcha on Flickr. Later on I found out that one of my blogging idols Kess had recently taken a picture there,  and even knows the people living on the sim. (BTW her decor pictures are my first stop when I am looking for anything new for my house or gallery!). This cute picture by Beu, also on Flickr, got me the idea to check the White River Co. store, where I found the boots for my post. I am not suggesting anyone steal ideas or use this technique with bad intentions. But if you are a new blogger, you could follow some great bloggers that you enjoy, and see what they do. I know we are all busy, but try at least to credit people for the items and locations, when you can. Sometimes giving a shout out to other bloggers and photographers feels nice, too. Just have fun!


Shoes: White River Co.: Pale September Boots (Pewter)
Ring: VO.Z: Twining Around Tenderness Bento Ring, Luckyboard (no group)
Choker: VO.Z: Meteor, Luckyboard (no group)
Hair: Tram: H0813 hair / HUD-A, Uber
Skirt: Valentina.e.: Yvette Plaid Skirt, Charcoal Common, Pocket Gacha August 2018
Top: V.e.: Yvette Cashmere Sweater, Dove Common, Pocket Gacha August 2018
Glasses: Nyne: Hipster, old May Tres Chic gift
Skin: Pumec: #4 January, gacha
Nails: E.marie: old Summer Lovin Hunt Item
Head: Catwa: Lilly Bento
Body: Maitreya: Lara
Shape: Own

Pose: PosESioN: Bento Ocean 1

Companion: MishMish: Finnick The Fox, Artsy Companion, The Arcade Gacha

Location: Achill Island

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  1. aww thank you for all the kind words Pieni <3 Lovely post and glad you liked Achill!

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