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I promised some posts about different locations and happenings in Second Life. So here we go. Good time to introduce you to a classic tiny event: Prim Charades. I have blogged it before in older blogs. But this one is worth knowing, so in case you have never been, I recommend you try it. The people are friendly. It is a general rated sim. You can go as you are, but if you would like a tiny or dinkie avatar, you will be sure to find people willing to help. (If they mention your knees, they are just teasing!). Raglan Shire Prim Charades: Tuesdays: 10.30am – 12 Noon SLT and Fridays 5pm-6.30pm SLT. Check the Raglan Shire Calendar for more events.

Here is my album from today’s event hosted by Daisy The Gator and Kayak Kuu!

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