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I was going to give the Raglan Shire Talent Show a miss this year, because of some social anxiety issues I am going through. But then this gorgeous bunny Maggi in red and yellow feathers offered to keep me company on backstage, so I would not need to be getting overwhelmed in the middle of the crowd. She did this for me, even though she was waiting to get on stage, and must have been nervous, a true friend! I ended up joking I was the moral support human of everyone backstage. (I am wearing yellow in pictures). I am just sharing this personal detail with you, because it illustrates so well, why tinies, and the wider community around them, are so important to a lot of us. The attitude of support, celebrating everyone’s personal talents and the special ability to have fun together is heart warming and inspiring.

Our host was the funny and talented DJ Manfred, who really knows how to keep his audience in a good mood. He also picks songs nicely to fit  each theme. Jennylynn Capalini was the organizer this year, helping performers backstage and operating the curtain. In addition to all that, she gave us a beautiful dance with a light show, and set up system for a pawsome finale with audience members joining in on the traditional riverdance the community so cherishes. SO much work goes into these events, and many help from behind the scenes. I have to say I love how the event gives room for so many different ways of expression. Singers, musicians, dancers, comedians and long running gags fit well on stage with moments of personal reflection, poetry, and moving expressions of vulnerability.

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  1. Oh Pieni! Please do not think of yourself as the only one who is scared to go out and interact. I am the same way. Last year at the talent show, I felt inferior, just watching as I saw the most exciting acts, with magic in scripting and setups. What could I do? And yet, I took up the courage to go out and try something that, technically, was bound to go whacky (depending on scripts and accurate timing in a crowded environment). And, yes, it did go totally wrong, more than I could have predicted. But I did it anyways. And I am damned glad that I did.

    The tinies … they understood. They may not have wanted to say it, but they understood. Tinies, I think, are those in Second Life, that are … more introverted, more socially restricted, and/or have the biggest hearts that allow those of us that aren’t more “socially outbound” to have an outlet. I feel at home with them. For someone like me who has very few friends, that is something to say.

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You never are. Sometimes you just need, to create a catchphrase, to “Just Do It.” There is nothing wrong with trying. Others are here for you. Let them in.

    1. Thank you for your nice words. I am a funny fox, as I am an extrovert and love people, but have social anxiety up to the wazoo, as I think the saying goes. I feel tired after big events, but while I am there, I enjoy the people, and especially in situations, where people show so much support and creativity. I like that we can all be friends as a group, and not have to worry about being clones of each other.

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