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This is a story on how one person can affect a whole community with a seemingly little thing. Our friend Butter the bunny puts bunny butt pictures in our Facebook groups every Friday for Bunny Butt Fridays. This has been a thing in some bunny groups for a while. But for us Second Life tinies it has become a phenomenon awaited for every week. It cheers us up, even when nothing else might. So to thank her for it, and to cheer her up at a time she needed it, we sent back our tiny butts, to show her that we all care. This was just the tinies I caught during a short period of time. They were all in it, too. They wanted to do this for Butter. (I did not just take pictures without asking). I missed many people, as it was a time I could not be online much, and so some tinies might like to add their donations later. Nobody was left out on purpose. Thank you Butter! We love you!

Image title: Arctic hare in snow and bushes lepus arcticus
Image from Public domain images website, http://www.public-domain-image.com/full-image/fauna-animals-public-domain-images-pictures/bunny-rabbit-public-domain-images-pictures/arctic-hare-in-snow-and-bushes-lepus-arcticus.jpg.html
Cuteness cheers us up, that is all.

Here are the sheets I sent her in real life:

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