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And so there appears
a house with gold gears
in the neighborhood of Heron Shire.
A shop aimed thus
to the smallest of us
full of fabulous fashion attire.

- A Poem about Mag's Mini Mall by Pieni
Mag's Mini Mall
Mag’s Mini Mall

Maggi has a lot of fantastic things for tinies, dinkies and the new Twitch avatars from CABS. She is a very friendly and talented designer. And a lovely singer! (There is a subscriber indoors for her fans.)

These are just some of my favorites of hers. Go to Mag’s Mini Mall and look around for more!

Dinkie wearing Maggi's hoodie skirt outfit.
Avatar: Tiny Inc: Dinkies black kitty mesh avatar v1.2
Outfit: Mag’s Mini Mall: dinkie_plaid_hoodie_skirt
A titchy avatar wearing a woolly outfit.
Avatar: CABS: CABS Titchy Lamb
Outfit: Mag’s Mini Mall: titchy_fairisle_thistle
Tiny black fox wearing a yellow and black outfit.
Avatar: CABS: Tiny Fox Avatar [black]
Outfit: Mag’s Mini Mall: tiny_northwoods_yellow
PS. The camera placing shows you the avatar sizes in comparison.
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