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Fishing 17th March, 2019

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Fishing contests on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at The Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fort , Heron Shire.. I took some pictures.

Maymay makes me faint from cute

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Maycreations has just released a new pair of titchy sets: Valentine’s dress and outfit. So cute. And remember to get the gift sneakers! You can see how small the avatars are, if you compare to my regular size one. And below right you can compare a tiny to a titchy (Thanks for modeling Maymay and Morton!). Maycreations has store rooms

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Mag’s Mini Mall

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And so there appearsa house with gold gearsin the neighborhood of Heron Shire.A shop aimed thusto the smallest of us full of fabulous fashion attire.- A Poem about Mag’s Mini Mall by Pieni Maggi has a lot of fantastic things for tinies, dinkies and the new Twitch avatars from CABS. She is a very friendly and talented designer. And a

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Tiny Butts of Happiness

Pie/ December 27, 2018/ tinies/ 2 comments

This is a story on how one person can affect a whole community with a seemingly little thing. Our friend Butter the bunny puts bunny butt pictures in our Facebook groups every Friday for Bunny Butt Fridays. This has been a thing in some bunny groups for a while. But for us Second Life tinies it has become a phenomenon

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