Rainbow Tinies is a group in the virtual grid of Second Life. This is a safe space for everyone, LGBTQ people and allies. All avatar types are welcome. Just follow moderate sim rules: no nudity and no “bits” showing.

We have a weekly event every Friday 12Noon-2pm SL time at our party spot on the Galleria Kakku roof in Mieville with music and dancing. Our DJ Story Tells is a popular and versatile entertainer.

Join our inworld group
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– Keep up with our events by following the blog category Rainbow Tinies
– Tag your event images on Flickr with #RainbowTinies, and add Pieni Tiny as friend
– Make sure to join the DJ group of our awesome DJ Story and her biggie Rhylea (she dj’s at Sha’halen adult sim)

Ask Pieni if you need anything. (I started the group and host the events).